• Fennec Celtic Music

“Dancing at the Crossroads” represents a time in Irish history when playing traditional music and dancing was prohibited by the English. The Irish would meet on country roads, often where the roads crossed, bring food, drink, and music, which watching out for British soldiers. They danced the same country dances, ceili dances, and set dances that are still danced today. Dancing at the crossroads is still practiced in some areas of Ireland today, but the lookouts are now scouting for motor vehicles rather than British soldiers. Originally, this type of traditional Celtic music was meant for special occasions, such as celebrating weddings, saint’s days, and other special occasions.

Fennec is a 5-piece, ‘crossroads’-type band (flute, fiddle, drum, guitar and a peculiar-looking instrument called a ‘hammered dulcimer’). Our band focuses primarily on traditional Irish and Scottish tunes, singing, and for good measure, some contemporary tunes that are written in the Celtic traditional style. In the spirit of indigenous Celtic tradition, Fennec is an ‘unplugged’ acoustic band that is available to play accompaniment/background music for special events and occasions.

Traditional Irish music of this type continues to be played in a lot of pubs all over the world. The local government in some counties in Ireland supports traditional music. That’s where the tradition continues to flourish most strongly.

For booking information, please send an email to jvhammer@msn.com